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my cars
my HO cars collection 703 cars

my track
pictures and infos concerning
my two "minimal space" HO tracks

here you'll find a lot of ready to print
color billboards to enhance your own tracks

all slot cars related stuff that I have
currently for trade or sale

tips & links
the best HO links I have found around the web

Car of November 2008
Tyco S622 - Jaguar Type E (1970)

...and also short but interesting pages

Photographic comparison
- between the original Mustang fastback from Aurora,
and the Johnny Lightning and Model Motoring replicas.

Photographic comparison
- between the weird Porsche 917 from Rotafast and the original inspiration models from AFX and Tyco.

Remove minor scratches
- with ScratchWizard, a product for cleaning CD & DVD,
it could also give good results for removing worn tampos

new page
Cox/Amrac to LifeLike
- Informations and big pictures with lot of details of all the different millings through time of the original COX chassis.

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