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You are at work and maybe a little bored....Wanna play an online little race on a genuine slotcar track?
No problem, just click here to race in a nice flash game

Here's the plan of Zanzvoort Mini, my new smaller track
It's mounted in a specialy done cabinet, and again it's a folding one to preserve space
When upper lid is closed it's my bench where I can tune and repair my cars

Track layout

This is all my cars and tools after
the move to the new appartment...
Oh God this place is so small, I'll never succeed to put up a nice new playarea....
So I decided to make some measurement and elaborate the construction of a special cabinet to enclose all I was needing,
and especially a new track, which must
be, one more time, a folding one type...
It was a première for
me to work with wood like this, instead of putting up ready-to-built furnitures from IKEA with the usual single allen wrench....
The folding part of the cabinet was the more difficult to imagine and create, doing it foldable and still usable, as you can imagine. But I'm quite happy of it... In a near future, I plan
to replace the bench
part by a transparent plexiglas, and detailling the track a little more
of course: work is still
in progress, as usual...

Scale Speed Calculator

And here are pictures of Laguna Zanza, my official track, viewed from various angles !

Track layout

As space was the main concern in this room,
I decided to make a track that can be folded
against the wall, leaving the space free
when family or friends stay at home...
Behind it, when opened, it reveal some
of the plastic cases where I put my slotcars.
On the left is the track elevation,
so I was not able to put anymore boxes...
Closed view Opened view
Full view View from left View from right Mountains view Multi-levels view Bridge close-up
Hill climb view Tribunes view Pitstop view Start/finish view Camping view Restaurant view

There’s is a free program called Slotman, which can be used to construct and calculate your track. You can also use it for timing races!

You can even download from my site the LagunaZanza file (zip) , to use in Slotman, if you plan to recreate my very own track.

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