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All these links are the best HO sites I've visited and are all working sites
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Best HO Sites

HO Scale Slot Cars
almost all HO cars are listed in, and you can have your own cars database !

HO Slot Car Racing
Gregory Braun’s top reference site: definitely a must to visit !

Bob's GTP and F1 HO Slot Cars
lot of informations for rare magnet-cars addicts (cached version)

Track Hobbies
a must for every Formula 1 and Indy slot cars afficionados

Aaron’s Slot Car Racing Directory
lot of good links frequently updated, kinda "Slotcars Yellow Pages"

Slot-aholics & Clubs

Steve Selby’s AFX pages
a must to visit for every AFX fans

Malcolm's HO Slot Car Page
a really well informative site

german site, full of rare infos: a must

Claus Heupels H0
impressive german collection and great scenery pictures

Felix Molteni
a swiss collector who owns an amazing AFX collection

Slot Heaven
impressive japanese collection - check the gallery, good pics

Homepage of Geogus
cool site with a lot of infos on various HO brands and cars

George's Thunderjets Collection
the complete and nice Tjets collection of Georges Warner

Toy Baron
really cool site, specialized in old Tycopro and generally rare HO cars

Johnny’s Hobby Page
tracks and custom AFX cars

Johnny Lightning slotcars interesting reference pages

Faller AMS.com
site in german, really informative with all cars produced by Faller

Faller AMS.free.fr
nice Faller pages in french

Slotcars paginas van Fred
dutch site with good infos and some movies of various running chassis

Brands Hatch replica
french site including a genuine replica of this historical track

Weird World of Jack
as its name says...weird ! Good silicone tires selection by the way

Josta Racing
german huge collection of various brands

Minic Motorways
the only Minic Motorways dedicated website

Slotcars & Dollars
my little blog, tracking all the insanely priced cars that went on eBay


HO Tech : The How-To Library
lot of cool tech infos

H.O. SlotWorld
AFX Chassis Page

virtually all existing chassis are pictured here

Gianni Piscitelli's Site
lot of chassis pictures. Argentina slothead

How to restore a Tjet body for racing
well documented page with good pictures

Faller : simple repair for broken chassis
good quality pictures and really interesting topic

Tables, Sceneries & Lap Timing

ModelMotorist Layout Stuff
good selection of track layout

Modellautobahnen im Maßstab H0
great german site, full of layout tips

the best commercial track design software

also a very good track design software, which is FREE

Good Web Shops

the best HO shop in the world, located in Germany-Europa !

JAG Hobbies.com
seems to have good prices and range, but I never bought from him

Tom Hiester's Miniature Cars
a really large variety of pieces and cars

Bud's Ho Cars Inc.
good online-shop, ranging various brands, parts and so on

online-shop, reasonable prices

Producers & Manufacturers

Autoworld (Round2Corp.)
after PlayingMantis saga, Tom Lowe is reliving a legendary name

Bauer Modellautobahnen
german producer, doing really fine but mainly european cars

Bichler Racing
austrian producer, large choice of finely crafted cars

Dash Motorsports
new producer, offering really high quality bodies for low prices

Model Motoring Inc.
nice range of great musclecars

MEV Originals
sells an almost exact replica of my late 1:1 scale car

finely detailed musclecars, I should buy one of them...

the brass pan legendary cars are back

Road Race Replicas
unfortunately, Phil Pignon doesn’t send outside the USA :-(

Racing Legends
amazingly accurate resin bodies made in France. Thierry is a master !

neat and clean german website, some cool casting and nice t-shirts

Team AMG
pretty range of vacuformed bodies to perfect fit your AFX chassis

silicone racing tires for various brands

racing tires for Aurora cars

Thunder Brushes
racing brushes for your Tjets

rechroming service for all your worn out chromed HO parts

Pattos Place Slot Cars
impressive range of various decals from "down-under"

decals for all scales: flames, scallops, stripes, etc...

AFX Slot Car Sticker Reproductions
special repro decals to replace your worn out on your beloved AFX

Groups & Webzines

HO-Slotcars Mailing List
the greatest HO mailing list

HobbyTalk Slotcar Forum
best HO forum by far

Yahoo! Groups : HOWORLD
discussion board about any HO, mags or Tjets

Yahoo! Groups : TJET
the name says it all: devoted to Tjets

HO World.net
really cool and informative webzine

Vargo Speedway
another zine that kicks ass too

All scales from all over the world

Slot Bird
mainly 1/32, but has super finely detailled cars (japanese only site)

various infos and 1/32 nice custom painted musclecars

Philippe's 1/43 Slot Car Page
if you're involved in 1/43 scale, this is the place to visit

French drag racing at home
1/43 scale Mopar addicts, with some funny "dragstrip at home" movies !

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