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These cool billboards are ready to assemble and print on any color printer
and will add a really nice touch of realism on your own tracks
In these crazy times where any crap is for sale at outrageous prices on eBay (or other auctions sites),
this helpful service is offered FREE of charge... just drop a "thank you" mail, or sell me cheap HO cars !
Click to enlarge the logo of your choice, save it on your disk and then close the window to come back here

If you are too lazy to assemble your own billboards stripes just drop at the bottom of the page
and you will find some selected, already mounted on a page and ready to print-out (in .pdf format)

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with proper permission from the copyright or trademark holders.
Downloading files from this site does NOT give you authorization or permission to use
the copyrighted logos without the specific consent of the copyright or trademark holder.
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you must first receive the express permission of the holder of the copyright or trademark of that logo.
Failure to obtain such permission is a violation under international law.

Grandstand - Tribune

Do you need a tribune/grandstand full of people?
Just right-click and save the linked file above to download a huge 1Mb file
ready to resize and to print out following your needs

American - Nascar and drag-racing sponsors

European - Rally and Formula1 sponsors

Ready to print billboard stripes selection (.pdf format)

1/64th scale
Low quality Low quality Low quality Low quality
High quality High quality High quality High quality

1/32th scale
Low quality High quality Low quality High quality Low quality High quality

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